Dinner Buffet @ Pino with Grace ♥ Miguel

Posted: July 23, 2010 in ƒooÐ tRÏpŠ.



Had a wonderful dinner with the newly-weds hehe:  Grace ♥ Miguel. ;p

Pino is located near JY Square. You just take the road to Campo Lahug and not too far ahead on the left side, you will notice restaurants alike, lining up. Pino is on the far end.

Parking space is good enough. You can also park along the road, just right across the restaurant.

First step at Pino, I felt like entering Cafe Laguna because of the all-Filipino setting – Filipiñanas, Barongs, and fine furniture. The ambiance is better than I expected. I’m not really into fine dining because of the too-classy ambiance (and big spoons, hehe ) but  I think Pino has just the right vibe for me. The crew were nice and attentive. And this place really looks good (and expensive, hehe) from the outside.

**I did not have the chance to properly take pictures so pardon me for the too amateur shot here. ;p**

my plate

At P400 per head, you get  a good deal of Filipino food; and what else could be better than an all-you-can-eat deal. ;p I loved their chicken BBQ and Beef Caldereta. April had their lechon and fish. 🙂

The rest of the menu were Bam-i, baked tahong, lechon paksiw, pinakbet, kare-kare, and I can’t remember anymore =/ I was excited to see the baked talaba with butter, but it tasted weird.  :-/ I wish they had some Pochero, though… and  more seafoods! -.-

melon, ube squares, custard cake

Desserts were good. They had puto with ripe mango topings, custard cake, Ube Squares, and the minatamis na saging, which I enjoyed lots of. 🙂 They served bottomless iced tea but I guess our tummies were just too occupied, we did not need refill. ^.^

Mr. Piano man is on the ground floor, but I suggest settling on the second floor. It gets a little too crowded on the former.

Tel # +63.32.232-0939
Wilson Street, Lahug Cebu
11:30am~2:30pm, 6:30pm~10:30pm

Overall, I give Pino a 7 out of 10 rating because of their good ambiance.  It’s a good place to take Balikbayans to.  Food was overall okay, I think I just did not get a good-enough timing. I heard they change menus every time.

JJC + all others

The friends we were with were actually the ones who made the dining experience in that long table, a blast! ;p



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