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Went to Rafols Resort at Dumlog, Talisay, Cebu last Saturday for baby sis’ birthday. 🙂

The resort is situated on the far end of Talisay. It was quite a distance from our home, but for a resort in the city, the distance wasn’t that bad at all. But from someone like me with a just a tiny sense of direction, all I can say is it’s accessible via SRP. lol sorry. ;p

Had a bad timing with a flooded road on our way to the resort.  Water level wasnt that bad but we were riding on a mini van and for a sec, i was concerned with my poor car drowning its under-chassis for us. Good thing it did not give in. It bravely surpassed the muddy grounds of the place, lol.


The Resort



The soon to be rooms


From the outside, it didnt look like a resort; well, only because the place was not yet fully developed. The reception area and the rooms  were still under construction, but the pools and cottages were ready to use. There were 2 kiddie pools which are 2 and 4 ft deep. On the other end is a large pool for adults, up to 7 ft deep. They had 3 mini slides in the large pool, and a lifeguard for each pool area.


Cottages @ P300



the big pool



the slides


Cottages were at P300 (but we got it for 200. I later realized I took the more expensive cottage heheh) ; entrance at P50/adult and P30/kid. Not bad really. Cottages were good enough. Just right for the price. According to the lifeguard, rooms are at P500 (was he kidding? No, i guess not.)


the kiddie pools 3ft and 4ft deep



the grill house 😀



the videok/function area


What I love about the place?
The very cheap entrance fee, the shady ambiance, no corkage fee, crew/staff is okay, the dedicated grill house, the not-so bad lavatory, the overall spacious, green area. They had a mini activity/function area, in front of the kiddie pools, and a large videoke area (yes! videoke!;p), which can be used for parties and gatherings. Beside is a green yard, where April and my sister had their photo shoot. lol. I loved the flowery place, even though it was just santan (my sister mocked ;p)

What I not-so love about the place?
Shower areas and Restrooms were poor.
Restrooms were tiny and stinky, (especially the Men’s :-/).
All 4 Shower areas needed maintenance.
Foods are too expensive; I call it Airport-price!
Some areas are untidy and needed cleaning. They need more utility men!
Also, pools are usable until 5:30pm only.
If you request to use it beyond 5:30pm, you will have to pay an additional P70 on top of the P50 pesos entrance fee.

What I wish it had?
A volleyball court or some sort.

Overall, I give this place a 6 out of 10 rating because of 2 things: 1.) It’s under construction, so I tolerate the flaws 2.) It’s really cheap for day use. It’s a perfect place if you’re looking for an affordable, quite hideaway, or if you just simply miss the pool. Good place for friends and family bondings  when your budget is not grand.  The place just needed more retouch. When fully-developed, I bet the place would have a lot of visitors coming in (but I bet prices would raise, too).








going home...





Dumlog, Talisay, Cebu
phone: 2382301




  1. Anonymous says:

    thnx for the review.

  2. o o says:

    thanks for dropping by 🙂


  3. Anonymous says:

    never been here but i heard the place is good

  4. jack says:

    This place was developed well the last time I was here. Great staff. Hope to come back soon.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great time with b-day party of my friends. I will recommend this resort to a friend.
    10 out 10 if they have a Restuarant.

  6. katrina keisha rafols says:

    i wish i can go there.!

    family name ko din .. chuckx..
    magkano ang entrance fee.?

  7. Anonymous says:

    nice review 🙂

  8. carah rafanan says:

    Nice we will go there this Sunday for our H.S get together 🙂

  9. Miguel says:

    Very helpful and unbiased review. I wonder though if the rooms are now available.

  10. jeoff says:

    can i ask if the rooms are already available?

  11. o o says:

    thanks everyone, @Jeoff, im not sure but u can call them 2382301

  12. visit the website http://www.rafolsresorts.webs.com to latest development still expanding.

  13. RECYL says:

    hey thanks for this blog.. jst have questions.. from e-mall, how do we get there? thanks 🙂 more power ❤

  14. RECYL says:

    and how many persons can the room accommodate?

    • Anonymous says:

      This is located at Dumlog, Talisay City, Cebu.
      call 238-2301 for specific direction. coming from SRP. turn on san isidro all the way straight until you hit dumlog and the beach.

      Rooms are available for 1 bedroom good for 4 and they have a apartment style having 3 bedrooms 2 full bath, living room. Can accommodate up to 15 people. Cottages are available for overnight.

  15. grethel says:

    wish i could come n dis place:)on my nephew b-day this coming 15….one of my friend recommend me dis place sounds nice:)…..

  16. Makie says:

    Maligo kami ngayong may 17 2013

  17. Anonymous says:

    Well maintain water in the pool you see the clear water..

  18. nobody answers my call to their landline number 238-2301

  19. Anonymous says:

    kami naa ning tubag ang gi.ingon na no need for reservation ad2 lang daw did2(rent unta mi og room for overnyt) so expected na anytime available ra gyud. Pero pg.abot namo wala daw ang yawi sa rooms (facepalm). therefore pa reserve nalang mo pra dli ma waste inyung time same namo.

  20. leony says:

    pila entrance if maligo me diha sugod buntag din mag overnigth me this coming oct 13

  21. mj tangub says:

    .still functioning? Pila ang room good for2 persons.. overnight ..until 9 am? Need ur feedback!

  22. bellesanonigo says:

    Hi everyone, planning to visit here VERY SOON on December 25. Is the number still functioning? Updates please. Is the information below still accurate?

    Entrance: P50 adults, P30 kids
    Cottages: 300 – above
    No corkage.

    And can you also give me directions how to get there? We will be like almost 20 persons.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is located at Dumlog, Talisay City, Cebu.
      call 238-2301 for specific direction. coming from SRP going south. turn RIGHT on San isidro all the way straight until you hit dumlog, just keep going until you reach the beach. Left side is Rafols Resort, if riding a TAXI just tell them DECA homes Talisay, left side of the resort is the Deca Homes.

      Rooms are available for 1 bedroom good for 4 and they have a apartment style having 3 bedrooms 2 full bath, living room. Can accommodate up to 15 people. Cottages are available for overnight.

      And I heard, son from states arrived to manage the Resort now, there are Major renovations going on., enjoy and goodluck. “WHERE MEMORIES ARE MADE”

  23. bensi says:

    unsai website nla or e mail ad? tnx

  24. Anonymous says:

    Ok naba ang place??? Ila ang room rates???

  25. Anonymous says:

    Pwde ba mligo dli moligo ug cottage?

  26. Anonymous says:

    pila f mo used mi sa function area?
    plan nko krn april 10 1st bday sa akong baby.

  27. Fanlink.To says:

    Pretty wonderful write-up. I simply located your site in addition to tried to point out that I’ve definitely liked looking your blog site threads. All things considered I am checking within your feed and I am intending you’re posting all over again soon!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Gud pm naay over nyt ang rafols f naa pilay entrance ug cottage?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Dako ka panglantaw ..pero nabuta ka kay kana imo g uban naa nana tag iya, ug gusto tabang isuhitoha una ug unsa siya..kay na makapukan sa imo pangadoy ug tinguha…ayaw pa dani sa gawas na hitsora kay la kaila ug unsa tnuod nya pagkataw..

  30. Anonymous says:

    Pilay add Maam/Sir if mag over nigth?

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