full @ mooon!

Posted: August 16, 2010 in ƒooÐ tRÏpŠ.


Dined in at Mooon Cafe at Cybergate mall, the new Robinson’s near Fuente Circle. Broke our budget because of a much misunderstood conversation, hehe, but oh well, the cholesterol free food was… uhh, worth it..? eheh. ;p

mooon cafe's back ribs

back ribs became a favorite since a few years ago.
mooon’s famous baby back ribs with barbeque sauce @ P185 as of today.

mooon's chiharong bulaklak

the “cholesterol-free” appetizer, at P125.  lol. ..what choice did we have? chicken skin VS chicharong bulaklak (it’s pig intestine)… u gotta agree, we picked the less evil choice. hehehe. ;p

milk, milk, milky buko shake! 🙂

our all-time favorite, buko… shake this time! better than plain chilled!

mooon cafe


this is one funny and unique advertisement for the chicken-skin and chicharong bulaklak.  i love it. ;p

mooon cafe

Their back ribs is good , but I’ve tasted better,  so I give mooon, a  dining experience of 8.  😉  I’ve always loved Mooon for their just-right price; and their food taste really fit in to my tastebuds. I especially love their unique tables too, where you can sling your bag in…  not that it’s useful to me, hehe but it’s cute and thoughtful. Also, all moon cafe branches have this same warmth in their ambiance which I love.. Maybe it’s the color that brings the sephia mood to my pictures? or maybe it’s their uniquely desgined interior, especially that huge fan hanging on top? or the colored skirts of the waitresses? I dont mean any perversion, but really, those skirts are cute, like I wana wear one. haha.

Til next mooontime! 😉




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