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Sutukil /su-tu-kil/ noun
► a combo of the Filipino dishes/ways of cooking: SUgba, TUwa, KIlaw
► Sugba (grill), Tuwa (fish soup), Kilaw (visayan raw or marinated fish civiche)
► also means: Gluttony 😛
► synonym/s: Cholesterol 😛

Who doesnt want seafoods cooked and prepared fresh from the water? ;p

We have weak tummies and we are not a fan of Kilaw so we only had the other two.

Well, we did not expect an 800-peso dinner that night. Turned out that we spent more than what we expected because their cooking fees for Sugba and Tula were separate, on top of the fish’s price. But if  you dine there in groups, the price won’t hurt. It’s just that, it’s just the two of us munching helplessly, every tiny bit of those sumptuous seafoods! eheh.

The best dishes that we had were… well, ALL!. lol. Buttered garlic shrimp, grilled scallops with butter, and grilled and tinolang fish.

garlic shrimp with butter

Hmm… this mouth-watering, creation of the sea!  What more could you wish for, but for it to have less cholesterol! ;p These creatures are just too flavorful to ignore. They always have this aftertaste that lingers in your tastebuds, making you want for more. ;p I wish crabs were as easy to eat as these ones! lol

tinolang fish!

This isnt out of the ordinary… but the meal is just incomplete without a hot sip. And not to mention, the freshness of the fish really adds an exceptional taste to the soup.

sinugba/grilled fish

The best way to cook fish: oil-free! What more can I say, I’ll always be a fan of grilled fish. 🙂 This one’s what they call “isda sa bato”. Love it. I would have wanted molmol, too… a meatier, and less expensive one.

grilled scallops with butter

This doesnt look as inviting as the scallops you see at restaurants but, if i were them, I’d say, “Try me!” hehe  ;p She, too, didnt like the look at first, but in the end, she couldnt stop herself. hahah. ;p

With dishes like this, who would need a special drink or shake? Sprite will do! heheh

the remains of he mactan battle

Well, need I say more? This dining experience is just a 10!… minus the tula and sugba fees, = 8. hahaha. But again, if you dine there in groups, you’ll really get what you pay for. If you dine there for two, you can squeeze in to a little over 500-peso budget : you can get a quarter kilo of the shrimp (which is really a mouthfull already), 8-10 pieces of the scallops (you might seem to want more, but believe me, this is enough ;p). You can also go for Molmol fish instead of the kind of fish that we had. That, for me would complete the meal. 🙂 Other fresh foods were lobster, squid, crabs (I’ll get this next time 😉 , and all others I don’t know by name. hehe

Mactan Shrine

If you’re looking for Cebu’s original Sutukil, roll your wheels off to Punta Igaño, Lapu-lapu. From Cebu city, it would be best to take the new bridge. You just take the road straight, straight ahead until you reach Punta Ingaño (you’ll see the noticeable sign). The place is not hard to find. You can ask around if you feel you’re going nowhere. hehe. It took us less than 30min to get there. You will notice the Mactan Shrine’s entrance and a wide parking area for P10.

When you visit the place, you will find lots of restaurants. You might want to go to the ones with 2nd and 3rd floors. It gives you fresher air compared to the ones in the ground floors. These restaurants are seated along the mangrove areas of Mactan, where you can see the open sea. It’s best to go there at night.

guitar key chains


Outside, native items are really cheap, too. from 10-peso bracelets to 120-peso bags or accessories.

mighty Lapu-lapu ;p

inside the park, along the beach

After filling your tummies, you can go for a walk at the Mactan Shrine. You’ll also find the stalls with native items inside.

sea gooodness... suit yourself!

Sutukil, Punta Ingaño, Lapu-lapu, Cebu.


Then, went for some pizza and tequila with friends after the dinner 🙂 .

Alberto's pizza



uno.,. eres la ♪♫ de mi ♥. ;p




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