Visit to Simala ^i^

Posted: August 28, 2010 in P└aÇëš

Went to Simala for the first time. 🙂

To the south 🙂 I dont have a lot of pix for this trip, :/


This is the scenery that I anticipate when I travel south. It somehow gives me serenity.

Every true Cebuano knows Simala. This is a famous place in Sibonga, visited by thousands of Marian devotees every year. In places like this, you will see people of all walks — the rich and the poor, the sick and the fit, young and old, students and professionals, etc. Many wishes have been granted and many believe that this place is truly miraculous.  Many people even claim they have witnessed the dancing sun years back. I heard it from my mom’s friend. And for those who haven’t seen it like me, it’s the faith that keeps our passion for Mama Mary, burning.  😉

The Shrine

The shrine is still under renovation as of today. Inside are multiple cottages and man-made falls, as if a mini-paradise.  It’s a perfect place for Sunday picnic time with family or friends. Restrooms are okay… the good thing is there are many.

Mama Mary

Mama Mary welcomes you right at the gates.

inside the church

Mama Mary

We were seated on the 2nd floor and this mural caught my eye.

Lighted up some candles, dropped some petitions and attended the mass.  Sunday masses are ate 12noon and 3pm. After the mass, ate lunch at some carenderia along the road and then went home. 🙂

angel statue

Leaving the place with an angel. 🙂

Then went to Acacia Grill in Carcar… I’m booing myself for not taking pics..  Acacia grill is where you can find really cheap footwear. Yes, Carcar is not only known for it’s well-loved chicharon, but is also Cebu’s Marikina.

driving on a rainy day

It was a rainy drive back home…

A typical Filipino day for some parts in the Philippines, when the rain pours for hours.

This is how these kids are immunized. Who would want vaccines… this is more fun! Funny but true.

Somewhere in Minglanilia, Cebu on our way north. I’ve seen this a hundred times when I was young. Isn’t it sad that after more than 20 years it still hasn’t changed? Now you dont want me to start talking about the government… that’d totally be a waste of space. ;p




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