RedRibbon déjà vu.

Posted: September 2, 2010 in ƒooÐ tRÏpŠ.

I wanna start by saying Red Ribbon, for me, is one of the best, (yet underrated) fast foods here in Cebu.

It’s our fourth time dining at Red Ribbon and we’ve always had the very same order every time! haha. Sick! ;p

salisbury steak

Red Ribbon’s Salisbury Steak really gets into my taste buds… in a good way! 🙂 The steak is around an inch thick, topped with big chunks of mushrooms, and a generous amount of gravy that adds to its meaty flavor. The ground beef is rich, tender and juicy. But for me, the best part of this meal is the mashed potato.  I love how the aroma of parsnips leaf dominates the overall taste of the potato (definitely a lot better than KFC’s version!) The way I eat it?  I mix it with rice — yes, a guilty pleasure! ;p I can almost compare myself to a child having her Star Margarine moment. haha! And if you feel a little  greasy afterward, you can go for the sweetcorn and carrot chunks on the side. The other good thing about this meal is the price: P80! For me, the price is just right, if not too good.  The only thing I want is for this meal to have MORE rice. hahah. ;p

pan-grilled pork chop

The Pan-grilled pork chop is another superb meal from Red Ribbon. The meat is so tender, as if boiled overnight. You will never taste the fatty essence, too, as if steamed to get rid of the oily taste. You wouldnt think pork chop would taste as good, even without dipping it into a sauce.  The greasy taste is minimized, as if soaked with vinegar overnight (forgive me if I’m speaking the wrong terms, I really hardly know a thing when it comes to preparing food ;p) Paired with the pinakurat-like vinegar accented with chopped garlic, and a couple of cucumber on the side, the meal is complete —  all for P89!

Four Seasons

The meal includes a drink – we choose Four Seasons. You can also choose from a couple of cakes to add up to the meal, spending around P150 in all.

Need I rate Red Ribbon? those two are just simply our favorite. Ok, next time, I swear I’ll try another dish.  ;p

red ribbon

Red Ribbon, Coco Mall, Cebu City

Food ☼☼☼☼
Price ☼☼☼☼☼
Speed ☼☼☼☼☼
Ambiance ☼☼☼
Cust Svc ☼☼☼☼





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