Cebu Wetland Resort

Posted: October 3, 2010 in P└aÇëš
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Cebu Wetland Resort - the pond

Spent the weekend in a not-so-planned-but-turned-out-to-be-fun gathering of old and new friends.

If you’re up for some water amusement close to the city, try visiting Cebu Wetland Resort. Finally, a fishing pond in Cebu City; you need not go through a 1-2 hour travel to the north anymore 🙂 This one’s located in Tagunol St. Cebu.

Cebu Wetland Resort - the pool

Cebu Wetland Resort is not just for the fishing buffs. It also has a pool for kids and adults in one, large enough to accommodate several guests, and some rooms if you want an overnight stay.

Cebu Wetland Resort - the rooms

Room rates are at 1600 to 2400. Entrance fee is at P100, tables at P100. No corkage fee is the best policy. 🙂

i’d like to try their food some time…

fishing in the big pond

The entrance fee to the fishing pond is P50 per head, and that is inclusive of a boat ride. You can also fish in another area next to the pool. I believe they charge separate for those who go fishing, though.

good catch!

There’s a fishing pond beside the pool area if you don’t want to pay P50 for the large pond. This kid had a real catch! 🙂

A tip would be to bring your own goods. Their beverages are twice the regular price. Not so sure about their food.

Music. Good for good times 🙂


This is place is an 8 for me. It’s  not that grand but it’s good for relaxation and laid back fun. I think the catch is that overall, the resort is a little too expensive. I feel like I have to pay every move I make. LoL. Not bad though, for a resort close to the City. Accessibility beats the catch. 🙂



  1. danica says:

    we’re planning to have a reunion at this mush does the function rooms costs??

  2. o o says:

    hi Danica, sorry i dont have that info.. try to call them @ 272-6860, or visit their facebook page: Cebu Wetland Resort

  3. Anonymous says:

    is this resort still open???

  4. karren says:

    is this resort is still open? because i was planning to celebrate my boyfriend”s bday next week in one of the floating restaurant to make it unique..hope you can answer my question as soon as possible..thank you..

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