Bugsay Grill

Posted: October 7, 2010 in ƒooÐ tRÏpŠ.

Everytime we go to Mt View or Mr A, we pass by these restaurants along the steep road of Lahug. We planned on going to Anzani but seeing the too-corporate Japanese men inside, we backed off. LOL. Well, aside from entering an entertainment bar’s parking lot (having it mistaken as a restaurant!), we finally saw Bugsay Grill as we went further to our supossed fallback, Mr.A.


This one’s a cool, laid back place… and laid back prices on their food, too! It’s former name is Cityview Grill, obviously because of its overlooking scenery, which is of course, best seen during night time. 😉

I love the wide variation of their menu that included sutukil, sizzlings, seafoods, grills, and some pinoy favorites such as pochero and the like. Amazingly, we spent less than 500 for 3 dishes! And we got these (forgive me for the low-quality pics, we did not have a digital camera on hand):


Grilled pork belly. Not an overstatement but their grilled pork belly really tasted good. 🙂


Baked Scallops. This one really has become our favorite, since PierOne. (It used to be just mine ;p) Wherever we go, we order this dish whenever available. This one’s just a little overcooked. The meat was a little hard to get from the shells.


Shrimp Tempura. This one’s unique from the usual tempuras we’ve tasted. An ideal tempura is supposed to have a light, almost tasteless dough (or coating, whatever you call it ;p) But this one had thick, onion-flavored coatings that tasted somewhat like onion rings… which actually, was not bad at all.

And just as the way I like it, this place has live music!  😀 *thumbs up!* They had a spacious area, too. The first part is the main area where the musicians perform — a brighter, full-lit area.  But if you want to get cozier, you can go a couple of steps down to their 2nd area, a dimmer place where you will see the city view — perfect for couples.

This place is almost everything: the accessibility, the affordable food, the wide variety of dishes, the view, the perfect ambiance, the good music (they have good performers!)… and may I just add that they had inexpensive beverages. How I don’t like it when I see a list of not-so-special drinks/beverages with soaring prand it’s non-fine dining! ;p. The only problem we had was the long waiting time. We had to wait for the food for more than 30min. But one of the best things that really mattered? They had good customer service. We appreciated the waiter apologizing for the delay in serving the food because  they did have many customers that night. I give this place a 9 out of 10 from that experience.




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