old school photographs in this digital age

Posted: October 7, 2010 in RÅnÐΦm Th☺üght§

My mom had me recall all our family pictures because she wanted to print them all and send them to my pop… so I had to dig through those pictures online. Being the sentimental that I am, I kept a copy of them all with the fear that we might actually look past those pictures in this digital age. The last time I saw the actual pictures , they were  disarranged in  a poor box, and it came to me that we might forget where those boxes were placed as time would go by.  And now, I’m  glad  I took time scanning and saving them online.

In our family, a year can never end without a family picture.  Every time my pop would come home from a 6-9 month voyage, I would always have a new family picture in my wallet. And as the tradition went on, I realized a year isn’t actually complete without those cheesy smiles taken at the studio. I never really gave much appreciation on mom’s effort of having our annual family picture since we were young… for me it was just a picture. But looking through our family albums a few years back, I realized those pictures are indeed, treasures.

Looking at those pictures always brings sweet memories and happy feelings. It reminds me of how our family has grown together. I call it the evolution. lol.


A classic photo of us, sibblings 1992 - one of my favorites. For me, this one's priceless. lol.



Don’t you miss the days when people were into real photo albums, and printed photographs? I can still remember when I would go to a friend’s or a relative’s house. The first thing I and my siblings would do was check on albums along the shelves or tables. We would usually choose those old albums and laugh at those funny faces and “costumes” in those vintage photos. And the best thing about those  pictures? — they were unedited.

Nowadays, we’re too into digital photographs. Rarely would you see real photo albums and printed pictures when you visit homes. Showing your pictures to your visitors would often mean turning the PC on and logging on to that social networking site, or to that online album you’ve created.  And then there’s these digital picture frames, that doesn’t require you to flip thru the pages anymore, as it gives you a series of pictures on the frame’s slideshow.


The advancements in this digital age has indeed, brought our photographs into a whole new level. At some point, it has given us a new perception  of what a photograph means. But just as these pictures come as easy as a click,  you can lose them in just a click, too — an accidentally formatted memory card, an overwritten digital storage, or a broken harddrive. That’s why  those primitive form of pictures  always seemed different… and in a way, more special…  because the memories from those printed photographs always seemed to last long.

Digital photography has no doubt, made our lives easier; made photography a lot more affordable; made those pictures more colorful; turned those faces more beautiful, and in general, made thousands of pictures  easily portable!  But sometimes, nothing compares to the simplicity of the old school way. The imperfect lighting on a candid shot, the unexpected orb on the corner, the red eyes on night photos, the shadows out of place, the imperfect spots on a close-up face… all of  these imperfections make up a perfect, real photo. And if I were to choose, whether with a touch of digital photography or not, I’d still have those real photo albums at the receiving area of my own home. 🙂




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