Danao Coco Palms Resort

Posted: October 10, 2010 in P└aÇëš

Coco Palms Resort, Danao Cebu

A nice place for team buildings and family outings, Coco Palms Resort is located in Danao, Cebu. The road from Mandaue to Danao can get really busy even on Sundays, so taking off early from the city is a better way. We drove off around 730am and got to the place a little past 8am.


Entrance fee is only at P150.00 for adults and P75 for kids. They have a corkage fee, though. Cottages are at P500.  We went there in a large group with our own goods, so I can’t really say anything about their food.

the slide

The p0ol (not as large as it appears in the picture) has a depth that ranges from 2ft to 5ft. It would have been safer though, if they had a pool exclusive for children and another one for adults. Anyhow, the pool has a nice, long slide that ends in a 3ft deep water — just safe for children.

the waterpark

Another highlight of this resort is the waterpark. They charge P100 for a 30-minute usage, on top of your entrance fee.

the play house and sand area

Other child-friendly amenities are the sand are and the playhouse! 🙂 To the left of the playhouse is the basketball court.


Rooms are at P1980 with Wi-fi, refrigerator and  TV.  Not sure as to what meals are inclusive of the rates.

They have 4 shower areas in the open. But one thing I did not like about the place is that they only had one restroom (one for men and women) and only one dressing/shower room. When we got there, the restroom was out of order and so, we had to wait for some guests to check out so we can use their restrooms. Quite an inconvenience.

nice and cheap stuff at the entrance fee

Nevertheless, the other good things are that they are not overpriced, unlike some terrible resorts with airport prices. Their ice creams, goggles, SPF lotions, are sold at OK prices. They are lenient as well, when it comes to pool attires.

Overall, the place is a 9. Aside from the Wi-fi, they generally have a lot of amenities and you’re less likely to get bored in this place. The function rooms, basketball courts, the playhouse, the waterpark, etc.


And finally, this place can improve a lot more. They can sure put another pool in the area above.


Danao Coco Palms Resort
Km. 31, Sabang, Danao City, Cebu
(032)5122132 09228011777



  1. krizia says:

    i likey.2x da place i lyk da slide…!!!!!its very long and while looking at the pictures it looks fun!!!>>>> i wish i can go there!!! and y not give meh money!!! whahah just joking….i really

  2. o o says:

    thanks krizia. havent updated this site for a while and you just reminded me. lol. ciao.

  3. n/a says:

    wrong regarding the wi-fi,you can only receive the wi-fi if you have room very close by to reception,and i mean CLOSE[ROOM 1-ROOM 2]thats about it

  4. How to avail the promos ?
    We want to go there by 27th April , how much the room if 7 persons maximum ?

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