my Car dreams and What they Mean

Posted: November 19, 2010 in RÅnÐΦm Th☺üght§

Dreaming about a car… It felt like a normal dream at first… but not until it became repetitive.

Car accident in Slow Mo – My first dream was about me driving a car and almost hit another… and the whole thing was in slow motion. But just like any other dreams that I had, I can’t really figure out how it ended.

Car Broke down – The second dream was very obscure… but it still had something to do with the car breaking down or something.

Faulty Mechanic – The third dream included someone, a stranger mechanic, who was supposed to fix my car but made it worse… It wouldn’t start and I blamed him.

Reversed! – In my fourth dream, my car was running in reverse and I was about to hit a taxi cab behind. I think I had my special friend in the passenger’s seat. I kept on pushing the break pedal as hard as I could, but for some reason, it just wouldn’t stop. It only kept running and was slowing down very gradually, instead of stopping abruptly. It felt very frustrating. I’m not sure if I actually hit the cab… I think I did at some point. But I think, the last part was a relief that less damage was done to the cab.

Nov 18 – Out of Control – I had the dream again. Can’t remember the details.

Nov 19 – Don’t Judge the Car ..Just Yet! – I was riding a yellow sports car… Ain’t that Sleek!…. but not until i saw the floor.. it was rusty, paintless and looked a lot like a used car. The feeling during my dream was not really negative… generally, it just felt… dull.

Well, any red sports cars out there?   -.-

So this last dream, what does it mean? Maybe happy now, sad later? or see the person as perfect now, but far from perfect later?

Well, these dreams gotta mean something, right? I don’t know about that, but here’s what I found:


Cars in dreams symbolize the self and how its life is operating. Broken car parts symbolically correlate to an area of waking life that is similarly broken down.

Dream cars can symbolize the dreamer’s physical, emotional, mental, or even spiritual body. When they break down in dreams, cars symbolize the breakdown of one of those bodies.

Dreams About Bad Brakes
When a dreamer cannot stop a car or its brakes fail, this generally symbolizes feelings that some part of waking life is out of control. Bad brakes mean that a stop should have but put to the situation long ago, but instead, it has been allowed to run amok. Addictions and bad relationships are examples of such things. Bad brakes can also be wordplay, signifying feelings of not getting a fair shake or experiencing other bad “breaks” in waking life.

Engine Trouble in Dreams
Engine trouble symbolizes similar ideas as fuel loss in that it indicates malfunction in a primary part of the waking world. A home, work, or romantic life that once purred isn’t running smoothly anymore. Engine trouble dreams indicate the need for rebuilding life at a core level.


Well, after reading, what do I think?

I couldn’t agree more… there is definitely something out of control in my life right now. Something I have had the intention to put an end to… or at least limit to, but haven’t been able to. You see, when you’re with this person, and you get so overwhelmed with their presence, you tend to just let go, let loose of yourself and just go with the flow.

I need to cut down my finances… save up, instead of save down. Put a solid limit to my daily expenses… gas consumption, etc.

And a lot has been happening rather roughly these days… despite how smoothly things have looked like. It’s about entertaining these feelings for this person.. hmm.

I know I’ve been bit out of control, but the worse part? Knowing I have let myself be.

tsk. tsk. wake up now. for real. =/


  1. msma says:

    i dreamt of the same dream. Car accident in slow motion , it felt real. Like there’s pressure. But i woke up before the car really hit. The car in front was a red car

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