Memory Card Recovery!

Posted: April 20, 2011 in RÅnÐΦm Th☺üght§
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I had 2 different SD cards that failed, and I was desperate to retrieve them pictures! After countless searches and several downloads, I finally met this amazing software that never failed on me, TWICE!

The first memory card was what appeared to be a heavily corrupted storage. Aside from the possible virus infection, girlfriend transferred the files from her Digital camera to the computer, with a low battery. And, unfortunately indeed, it emptied out during the transfer. So then I found out that this could corrupt your files.

<screenshot here>

Browsing thru the storage media would not work as it would only show a couple of pictures, and then a folder with garbage characters as its name and is inaccessible.

<screenshot here>

PCI Smart Recovery recovered 80% of the files on the first card. On the second one, it recovered 99% of the pictures. It also recovered several pictures in the past that have been deleted.

So the success would still, of course, depend on how bad the sectors of the storage have gone. I’m just amazed that this software is FREE, and most of all, WORKS!

So before taking pictures, format your Digital camera’s internal storage (if it has one) and format your memory card before installing it into your cam. Most of all, keep a good battery level while taking/browsing pictures, and when uploading them into your computer. For slower cameras like one of mine, wait for the camera to take you to the next screen, instead of pushing the button like crazy! 😉

Download PCI Smart Recovery



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