Casaroro Falls

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Dumaguetrip : Alone Together  

Day 2 Valencia part I: Casaroro Falls

April 30, 011

After still being overwhelmed by the captivating APO Island, heading back to the city felt like a hangover. Our bodies were tired, but our minds are so ready for more adventure!

Took again a Ceres Bus from Zamboangita to Dumaguete City. Stopped at Robinsons Place and ate our early lunch at Mang Inasal! ;p Oh God, I’ve never eaten rice that much in my life!

From Robinsons Place, we headed to OK Pensionne House… But to our disappointment, the place was dirty! The bedsheets were almost as thin as paper! The blankets, discolored. There were dusts and trash under the bed! We would have wanted the more expensive room, but we thought, “what would ‘better’ be, in this place?” When we found out that the room did not even have an outlet, for us to recharge our cellphones and cameras (Yes! you would have to give up your gadgets to the frontdesk and recharge there), we cancelled and was charged P50. Not bad. We just wanted to get out of the place. So much for cheap hotels.

We heard from Ajay, that Vintage Inn is nice and clean, and that you could check in for 400, good for 2. As soon as we got out of OK Pensionne, we met Kuya Rene and his tricycle, who brought us to Vintage Inn. It’s just a few blocks from OK, and is right across the Public Market.  Unfortunately, the cheapest room left is P700 for two. After checking the room (first!), we decided to take it. This one’s with TV, AC, H&C Shower. It’s a 3-storey Inn, and no doubt, this one’s cleaner and a lot more decent!

Vintage Inn

our room

lobby to our room

Everything happens for a reason – experience always proves this to us. We always figured we need a tour guide.  Although we knew which places to go to, but we didn’t know the specifics in between. After a short talk with Kuya Rene, we were able to arrange him as our tour guide. Every timing was just perfect. Thank God. 🙂

At around 130pm, we were ready!

Valencia. What a nice, laid back place. Just passing by the parks, the houses, the freshwater resorts coming from nearby falls. This is a beautiful place to live, I thought.

We first went to Casaroro Falls. It was a long 45-min drive from the city. Shortly after passing by forest camp, the road became steep and rocky. We had to get down from the motorcycle a couple of times.

road to Casaroro Falls

to Fil-Japanese Amity Shrine

We passed by this sign and if we only had more time (and more leg power!) we would have wanted to  visit the Fil-Japanese Amity Shrine.

And finally! We’re here!

uh-oh! _O.o...

Entrance fees to Casaroro falls

350 steps going down wasn’t much of a problem. It as a 10min walk down the falls. This place reminded me of Tinago Falls in Illigan, which had 365 steps down to the falls.. but this one’s easier because they have stairs.

down to Casaroro

bamboos on our way down

Almost there…

water from casaroro falls

hanging bridge

And… here we are! The falls was a long row of water from atop. The water beneath is green, which only proves that the water is untouched. We dipped into the green water, but we didn’t, couldn’t stay long.  The water was cooold… but refreshing! We were not able bathe after that because the the bathrooms were so dirty and stinky — this part of the place definitely needs maintenance. But even without shampoo and soap, there was no sticky feeling at all! We changed clothes right after we bathed in the waterfalls.

visitors of Casaroro

Casaroro falls

bathing in Casaroro falls in its cold waters!

P  25 – Ceres bus Zamboangita to Duma City (30min)
P 160 – Mang Inasal P 80 (x2)
P   16 – trike to OK Pensionne fare (P8 x2)
P   16 – trike to Vintage Inn fare (x2)
P 700 – (each) 2-day stay
P   30 – Casaroro Entrance fee (P10 x3 )
P 300 – Kuya Rene/tour guide fee inclusive of motorcycle + fuel.

Kuya Rene was a very good tourguide. He was very helpful and would always suggest to bring our bags. And best of all, he’s always willing, and even suggests to take our picture. 🙂

350 steps up was definitely draining! Next stop: Forest Camp 🙂




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