The Rush Zipline

Posted: May 11, 2011 in P└aÇëš
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Dumaguetrip : Alone Together  

Day 3 SideTrip: The Rush Zipline @ Tierra Alta Subdvision

May 01, 2011

Since Day 3 was a Sunday, we started the day Holy by attending the Cathedral Mass @ 6AM. After the mass was a breakfast at McDonalds.

By 8.30am, we were ready to hit the road again… today’s itinerary was a visit to the Rush Zipline @ Tierra Alta and the Twin Lakes at Sibulan. We knew it’s going to be a long ride so we had with us bottled waters, and our hats! Kuya Rene picked us up on time. After he rented another motorcycle, we went to Tierra Alta without further delay.

Tierra Alta road

The Rush Zipline @ Tierra Alta Subdivision
Tierra Alta is a subdivision situated East of Dumaguete City. We took the road to Batinguel until we reached the end of Palinpinon Rd. And by 9am, we were ready to zip, but they opened rather late. Nevertheless, we took our time exploring the place and taking pictures. We would have wanted to go to  the lighthouse but it was too hot, we figured we would be drained.

floating in Tierra Alta

overlooking Cebu and Siquijor at Tierra Alta

By 1030anm, we had our ride. I took a video of us but to my dismay, the video was zoomed soon after we were released into the air. Darn!

short ride to the starting point of the zipline

the zipline

Upon seeing the sight of above, the starting point, girlfriend almost backed out. LOL.

And… here we go!! See? It’s not that scary at all!! hek.hek.


enjoying the view while zipping

somewhere in the middle

What would she do if we got stuck in here. hahaha

Ahh how I wish the zipline was longer and faster.. or at least two-way. As we approached the other side, we got closer to the watchtower, as if it was our landing zone. It was a nice view. We could see the river to the left.

zipping towards the lighthouse - accidentally zoomed in the cam

and... to the landing zone

the landing zone

For a jump start of the 3rd day,  that was refreshing! Although compared to Danao Zipline in Bohol, that was chicken. The staff was okay, too. Not bad for a P250 fee. The gears looked safe and we felt safe putting them on. The adrenaline never stopped, so soon after we finished the zip, we left Tierra Alta for Sibulan. At around 11am, we took off to Sibulan, and bathed under the hot sun!

P   89  – (x2) breakfast @ McDonalds
P 250 – (x2) the rush zipline.



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