Forest Camp

Posted: May 11, 2011 in P└aÇëš
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Dumaguetrip : Alone Together

Day 2  Valencia part II: Forest Camp

April 30, 011

After Casaroro, we went to the well-known Forest Camp. I couldn’t dare miss this place. They say if you go to Valencia, you gotta visit Forest Camp, so off we go.

Forest Camp Entrance fees

if this was real to try, i would have definitely!

This place is perfect for family outings. This place has lots of fish ponds, pools with fresh water coming from Casaroro falls, cottages, gardens, etc. If this was in Cebu, where I’m from, this would definitely be a hit. We didn’t have enough time to stay so we just killed a bit of time taking pictures.

Forest camp hanging bridge

forest camp fish pond

The place has a nice feel. Cool and natural ambiance. We saw several families when we got there. One good thing about it is that you just need to find your spot in the place, and you can own it for the day.

one of the big pods - Forest Camp

another big pond - Forest camp

Finally, an environment-friendly sign. I love it.

Forest Camp Sign


P  80 – (x2) Entrance fee

Now, we’re ready to zip @ Alta Tierra! 🙂




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