Dumaguetrip : Alone Together

Day 3 ender: Dumaguete City

May 01, 2011

After an amazing nature trip in Sibulan, we were excited to see the busy streets of Dumaguete City again, except for the trike drivers rallying causing much traffic. We were too excited to get off the bike and relieve our back pains.

Speaking of trikes, Dumaguete, as you know of course, is the country’s scooter capital. And just as said by many, you can see scooters everywhere in its streets. Scooters for rent can be found almost anywhere, too, in the heart of the City. The registered bikes cost 300 per day. Kuya Rene took the unregistered one, which only cost P150 for 5 hours, and +50 for each excess hour.

scooters and motorcycles everywhere

Finally, arrived at the Cathedral.

the Bellfry

According to history, this Bellfry used to be a watchtower of the early villagers to warn them from pirates coming to the island.


Mother Mary inside the Bellfry

Inside the Bellfry was Mother Mary’s resemblance and the Pieta. People go inside to light up candles as we did, and prayed. We would have wanted to go up the Bellfry but nobody, except for the bellman, is allowed to go up.

Dumageuete Cathedral

It was a busy Sunday. We later found out it was Fiesta in the City, in honor of the Divine Mercy.

From the Cathedral, we to the boulevard because I wanted to see the dusk, and buy some Sylvanas at Sans Rival.

first sight of the boulevard as we strolled along

dirty ice cream at the boulevard

haven't seen a kalesa in a while

It was getting late so we had to find Sans Rival quick! Oh there pastries looked good! Their black bottom cupcake at P16 tasted like Black Sambo! Oh how lucky these people are to be in the Sugar Capital of the Philippines. Yes, Negros it is. 😉 Sans Rival is located just across the boulevard.

Sans Rival

Sans Rival pastries

P 285 – 3boxes of sylvanas (P95 each)

We decided to have a late night dinner, so we first went to the famous Dumaguete boulevard and ate some Filipino streetfoods: tempura, fishballs and my fave, Balot! 🙂

dusk at the boulevard

tempura stations at the end of the boulevard

balot at dumaguete boulevard

I loved the smell of streetfood in this part of the boulevard. If I lived nearby, I could come here everyday… and get a bad tummy every week. lol.

Fish tempura and squidballs on stick - Filipino street-food goodness!


P 18 – tempuras (3 sticks)
P 30 – squid ball (2 sticks)
P 15 – 16day old balot (duck egg boiled after 16days of incubation)
P 12 – soda

By 7pm, we road a trike to McDonalds to meet Ajay, and get from him, our underwater pictures! Oh… I couldn’t thank this man enough. He’s been so helpful, so gracious to us about this whole underwater stuff. And before bidding goodbye, how could we go without a click from the camera. ;p

Ajay and us

By 730pm, we lazed at Vintage in, and went out at around 9pm @ Why Not, for our late dinner. I heard about this place from dumagueteinfo.com, but I soon found out this was not a good place at all. Hmm.. but I won’t go into details. Food was okay. I loved their complementary bread.. only because I was really hungry. LOL. Just like Liberty Lodge, their food was Filipino-European.

Why Not

inside Why Not

Why Not had a small space with around 4-5 tables. It’s mainly a disco bar and has a tiny restaurant in front. We got garlic shrimp, and the other one, I forgot what it’s called. I only loved the saugage on the second course we ordered. The rest of the meat/beef were almost indigestible by a normal stomach. ;p

garlic shrimp- better with larger shrimps

a combi of beef, meat, sausage, etc.

P 90 – garlic shrimp
P 195 – beef/pork sausage
P 55- iced tea



Day 4 – JiNxEd!

As we were preparing our things to go back to Cebu, I was devastated by one realization… I lost my wallet! Long story short, I found it at Why Not, and all the cards, were intact, but the cash — gone. Oh well, I was still thankful after everything. Lesson learned — well I guess I never learn. ;p

But wait, there’s more! LOL. The adventure did not stop there. Just a little story to tell.

Just after we got out of Why Not, girlfriend hugged me to comfort me of the P1K+ money I lost.. then a white guy in his mid 50’s (he said he was from France), approached us and said he like seeing girls that are hugging and kissing.. duh! We were not kissing at all. Such a perv. I didn’t mind it, in fact, I spoke with him like normal, and shared to him what had happened to my money, reason why we hugged. And then he wouldn’t stop talking about Filipinos and their junk habits and values, and so on. That was okay, those things were true, and I thought that was the end of the story. After ending the conversation, he went his way to Why Not, but then he overheard me when I said to the trike driver “Vintage Inn?” asking if he could take us there. To our surprise, he followed us, sat in front of us in the trike, and said he was going there, too. Now, girlfriend is mad and paranoid… most of all scared. This guy even pretended to have dropped his money in front of us, obviously testing us if we’d go for his damn money. I told him to pick up his money. He said I was a good person. He then said “You’re maganda.” Maganda, meaning beautiful… oh how I wish I was flattered instead of freaked!

We told the driver we’re just going to stop by McDonalds. We ate there and girlfriend decided we stay there for a while. But to our surprise, this damn guy followed us at McD’s. He did not see us though. Now, I’m a bit alarmed. We then asked one of the waiters to accompany us outside and cover as as we go. He was helpful enough, and maybe a little freaked out with the story. He then said he will be watching over the white guy as we go. We wished we had thanked him enough. When we got back to Vintage, girlfriend was still nervous. What a day. Later, when we were going out, the Frontdesk guy and the Security guard said the guy was a regular at the Inn, and that he was a cool, nice guy. Well, whatever they say, that guy was creepy!

I had to comfort her over and over again, and tell her these things happen for a reason. If by any chance, this same thing happens to her or to her family in the future, at least she’d know what to do. But the best thing to do is to stay calm so you can think properly. I almost forgot how fragile she is when it comes to these situations. I wasn’t scared at all, just freaked. But she was both.

Hearing from the people at Vintage that the guy was not a serial killer, LOL, we both felt, a little better and decided to go the the Public market, just across, so we could buy Sinegwelas! 🙂 This fruit is best with salt!


P 120 – 3 kl sinegwelas
*it’s twice the price in Cebu!

And that was the end of our Duma trip.. pretty freaky! Everything was perfect and it seemed like we were jinxed at the end of our trip. LOL. We then headed to Sibulan via Jeepney and got in the boat by around 9am for another 30min ride to Liloan, Santander. After eating lunch at the port, we road a bus straight to Cebu city at around 1030am, and arrived in the city at around 1.30pm.

poor sleepyhead

Overall, there’s only one thing I can say. I would definitely do that again! Hopefully, another destination next year. But if it’s going to be the same place in the last 3 days? — I’d love to go back to APO Island :).

And that was the end of our 3N-4D Dumaguete trip.

o I am recharged! +



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    hi, amh, do you have any contact in vintage in?

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