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Dumaguetrip : Alone Together

Day 3: Sibulan Twin Lakes, Balinsasayao and Danao

May 01, 2011

After the adrenaline rush at Tierra Alta, we headed to our main itinerary of the day – the town of Sibulan.

Sibulan was a long ride to the North. Our legs almost cramped. Half an hour ride on the motorcycle is not easy. lol. Before we went to the rough road heading to the twin lakes, we passed by Joe’s Chicken. This must be the Joe’s they’ve been referring to in the online forums. Thanks to 🙂 It was almost 12noon and we wanted to take a break from the mid-day sun, so we decided to eat at Joe’s. And my chicken was was over-grilled. 😦

Joe's by the sea

Joe's chicken

This restaurant has the perfect ambiance. I bet it would be ten times better at night. If this was in Cebu, this would surely be a hit, I bet. After dining in, we posed for a few pics at the restaurant’s park. It had turtle tables for kids, and a playground themed with giant sea creatures. The place was so spacious and the air was so fresh, I loved it.

Joe's boat-styled tables

view from our table

joe's park

P 89 – (x3)- Chicken meal for us 3
P 22 – coke for Kuya Rene
P 25 – C2 drink for us both

Mother Mary

We can see this large statue from Joe’s Chicken. It’s just across it. We would have wanted to visit but the entrance fee was too high, P100+, if I remember right. And we figured, it was too hot and time was running fast.


And, at a hot 1pm, we continued our journey. The excitement level was still high! The road to the lakes was longer and definitely more painful that that of Casaroro. My endurance was tested. My back ached.

rough road to twin lakes

And just like Casaroro, we had to get off the motorcycle; this time it was more than 5 times because of the rough road. There were two of us, so the impact was too great everytime we bumped into big stones. Our bike was just a standard motorcycle made for the highway, so it had its challenges. It took us another 45minutes from Joe’s to the lakes. If we had a bigger motorcycle, it may have saved us 30min.

loose chain on our motorcycle

poor kuya rene trying to fix the bike

The rough road was definitely a downer, but it did not keep my restless fingers from the camera’s button, no matter how hard it got. LOL. Well, gotta make the most of it, right? ;p This is the advantage of a point-and-shoot camera. 🙂

the lonely tree to the lakes

rocks that rock!

ciao Mr. Carabao!

Later did we know that we were actually going to that mountain on the left(below). We never found out until we got closer. We then learned that the lakes were sitting behind the large mountain.

to the lakes!

we're going to the foot of this mountain!

mountain girl, up to catch some food and vegies ;p

At one point, we had to walk ahead, while it took a while for Kuya Rene to fix the bike. It was when we passed by a couple of houses, met some folks and their kids, and borrowed their… bukag (basket) thing. Whatever that’s called. ;p

We reached the lake’s entrance, a big hut, which we thought was the main spot, only to find out the lake was 1Km ahead. LOL. But seeing the Kabalin-an lake, who could dare get disappointed? The tranquil water caught us both. My eyes were glued into the most beautiful portrait I’ve ever seen. It looked like a postcard from some place else, to me. I don’t know if it’s just my weakness for lakes, or is that this lonely lake is simply gorgeous… captivating!

passing by Lake Kabalin-an

the captivating panorama of Lake Kabalin-an

Lake kabalin-an

P 10 – (x3) entrance fee
P 12 – motorcycle fee

After paying the entrance fees, off we go to another 1Km of painstaking ride again. The road to the lakes was, I’d say, 60% rough. We could only sigh seeing another rough road ahead… and another sigh of relief upon seeing another cemented road. ;p Oh well, no pain no gain, eh? ;p It was Kuya Rene’s first time in the place, too, so how are we to know? The leg cramps plus the anticipation could have killed us. ;p

Aaand finally! Here we are! 🙂 We were dead thirsty. The bottled water we carried with us on our trip was zeroed out. And the bottled water in the lake’s resort was twice the regular price. But we were too thirsty, we couldn’t not drink! ;p

And on the kiosk where where the canteen was, was this beautiful view of Lake Balinsasayao.

Lake Balinsasayao

We went down to get to Lake Balinsasayao. Balinsasayao is a type of Philippine bird. I would think this lake’s named after it but I really don’t know. ;p In the docking station, we found boats for rent. I would have wanted the kayak but girlfriend’s paranoia was such a bummer. hehe. But that’s okay, I wouldn’t have compromised her enjoyment for mine. We also saw a few people bathing in the lake.

Lake Balinsasayao

Lake Balinsasayao - docking statioin

The kayaks were just P100 per hour, max of 2. Really cheap. We took the large boat @ P250 per hour, max of 7, so we brought Kuya Rene with us.

manong rowing our boat

We also met our guide for the Lake. He said wild flowers and orchids bloom all over the place every June. According to him, this lake is Sibulan’s the main source of water. Looking at the trees from afar, he said wild orchids bloom everywhere and one could see these orchids by just boating from where we were. He suggested we come back at June, and he’s going to give us some of those orchids, but it has to be a secret transaction because picking them for sale is prohibited. Fishing is also prohibited in the lakes, and it is regularly surveyed so that no crocodiles live in the lakes.

kayakers in Lake Balinsasayao

wild orchids grow here every June, according to Manong

After a 20min paddling and sight seeing, we docked at the other end of Lake Balinsasayao. We then took a 5min walk to the other side to get to Lake Danao. This was when I learned that Danao meant a stagnant lagoon — just an enclosed spring that goes nowhere. The tide only depends on the rainfall and the spring. No wonder so many lakes in the Philippines are named, Danao. So that’s one for my vocabulary on Day 3. 😉

steps to Lake Danao

feeling high at Lake Danao

Lake Danao

And this is Lake Danao! There’s nothing much here, but the sight, since this is an enclosed lake.

After our picture taking at Danao, we headed back to Manong paddler. This time, we took less pictures and just enjoyed the green scenery and the smell of nature. 🙂

touching the green waters of balinsasayao

By 430pm, we headed back to the city. We wanted to drop by the Azalea restaurant but judging by the look, it was fine dining inside, so we backed off and headed back to the City. Kuya Rene had to slow down because girlfriend was sleeping while on the motorcycle, for God’s sake! =/ At around 530pm, we arrived at the Dumaguete Cathedral where we took some pictures of the Bellfry and the Church itself .

P 25 – 500ml water
P 250 – big boat
P 600 – tourguide /kuya rene fee inclusive of motorcycle+fuel

Kuya Rene charged twice the fee yesterday because our destination was far. Now, we were ready to get back to Dumaguete City and get some good food to fill our tummies.




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