Dakong Bato Resort and Bodo’s Bamboo Bar

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* May 28, 2011

A quick tour for Em-em and Jody at Dalaguete.


Last week, I had my own time with two of my favorite friends (and couple), Em and Jody, who came over to my town, Dalaguete. We only had half of the day so the goal was just to roam around a bit, and visit two main places: Dakong Bato Resort and Triple B (Bodo’s Bamboo Bar).

It was past 2 o’clock in the afternoon  and the sun was still as hot as mid-day, so we first went to Dakong Bato Resort.

Dakong Bato

The resort’s owner is family to that of Mountain view resort in Busai, Cebu. Moving forward, this resort offers a good recreational place for Dalaguetnons, and one of my top choices in our town, actually, except that I find it a little too costly. They have a strict rule on the specified number of people that can stay in a room, so that’s a downer for me. But the place and amenities are good – the location: accessible, the rooms, the relaxing ambiance, the view, and I like the overall design of the place. A tiny part of this place reminds be just a bit of Sumilon… the latter is much nicer, of course.

Dakong Bato swimming pool and jacuzzi

This is the main view that makes your heart jump for a hint of excitement, when you first check out the place. One of the downside of the place is that it easily gets crowded because it has a limited land area. I certainly would want to get this place exclusive.

Dakong Bato Resort - cottages

Dakong bato resort - spring cave

This place has several cottages and a couple of small spring caves. The shower and toilet rooms are also decent.

Dakong Bato Resort rooms

2 isolated rooms at Dakong Bato

I haven’t stayed at this resort so I can’t give a full review. You can check their website for more information on price rates. Six month ago, the second picture with the two isolated rooms used to be worth P1000 (each) only with no limit on the headcount. It has a room with two single beds and a tiny veranda that could accommodate around four sleeping people. At present, it’s at P1800, and is strictly good for only two. Other rooms cost P2,300 and above.

Em & Jody relaxing at the reception area

minimal items sold at the reception

We took a detour on the road ahead of Dakong Bato and stopped by this spring called “Gakob” – a word in our dialect that I’ve never understand until now. ;p The spring is distinctively cold, you can store bottled drinks underneath, just like that of Obong Spring in Dalaguet.

strolling with Jody looking for bananaques ;p

Gakob Spring, Banhigan, Cebu

Em & Jody enjoying the kamote and banana-queue too much, oblvious of my notorious stolen shots ;p

We bought some Banana queues on the sidewalk (yes, a different version of barbeque with native banana fried with brown sugar). And then, we rolled to Bodo’s Bamboo Bar.

Triple B’s restaurant, more known as Bodo’s (Bamboo Bar), is more of a mountain resort and a restaurant. It’s located in Alcoy, Cebu, the town right after my very own, Dalaguete or Dalaget, as we call it; and yes, it’s different from Dumaguete. A lot of people get confused. ;p

the restobar

So anyway, this place is just a 2-hour drive from the City. After Dalaguete, you will pass by the dolomite mining company, PMSC. You will need to go a little farther, until you reach the steep and distinctly curved road. You can’t notice this place right away if it’s your first time. You will need to watch out for a tiny and very steep but short road going up. Better yet, just keep looking up, on the right side of the road, until you see the Bamboo hut on top of a hill.

Cool ambiance and relaxing scenery is what you’ll love most at Bodo’s. Late afternoon and beyond would be a perfect time to go to. Or better yet, spend the night in one of their rooms, and enjoy their jacuzzi and infinity pool.

overlooking Bohol island

Triple B's rooms and cottages

Triple B's jacuzzi and infinity pool

The jacuzzi and the infinity pool are situated in a perfect spot! The pool is not that big, but considering the location of this place (southern and away from the city), the pool is good enough. This place has indeed gained popularity since they started around 5 years ago. I often see Koreans and white people visiting the place. They have several rooms that cost P1800. I haven’t tried checking in to this place, but I’ve heard good reviews from friends.


push button

It was getting dusky so time-out from picture-taking. We went into the resto bar and when it was time to order food, I completely forgot that the tables here had push buttons so you can call the waiter’s attention. We were raising our hands impatiently only to realize the bummer. LOL. I can’t believe I did not pay attention to that magic button in the several times that I have visited this place. _O.O_

enjoying the food and the view at Triple B

Tripple B's pizza and fries

Their food is mainly Filipino-European. Their regular size, 8-inch pizza costs +/- 200. Family sized pizzas cost around 500 and above. For me, the prices are really good and just right. And, as simple as it looks, they have one of the best French Fries. Inside the bar are the billiards table (P60/hr) and the Foosball table where you can play for free.every time, it’s soo good at P71! 🙂

inside bodo's restobar

Triple B's free fooseball

Inside the bar are the billiards table (P60/hr) and the Foosball table where you can play for free.

late night at Bodo's

If you wish to get away from the restobar, you can also dine inside their cottages. Inside is a center table and the cottage can accommodate 6-8 people. (Yes, I know I should have taken a grander picture but forgive me. I was so busy being a frustrated photographer, that I only got this wooden chandelier lol. ;p )

Em and Jody, late night at Triple B's

These two abandoned me for a quiet time together so I had to sneak in and destroy their moment. mmbwahaha ;p

Bodo's Bamboo Bar, Alcoy, Cebu

Triple B (Bodo’s Bamboo Bar)
Triple B Road, Pasol
Alcoy 6023 Cebu Philippines
Tel: +63 32 4839119
Mobile: +63 923 4484877
Fax: +63 32 4839024

For me, Bodo’s  is a tiny, all-in-one place. A resort, a bar, and a chill-out place, that’s why I keep coming back to this place whenever I have visitors. Another great thing is its free and fast Wifi connection. I got my cellphone connected for the first time during this visit. This place is also perfect for weddings or any occasion.

If you ever visit this place, don’t forget to drop by Tinco White Beach (natural white sand!), around 5min away from the resort. It’s one of the best beaches in Cebu. For me, beaches on the north are nothing compared to its rich white sand. I’ve been there a hundred times and I’ll write a review when I’ll find the time. 🙂

Jody eating balot

Em & Jody with our goods and light booze at Sta Cruz sewall in Dalaguet

Being with Em and Jody miss them more… I miss my own set of friends. They spent the rest of the night at home. We took off for the city at dawn, but not before a couple of balots, pork barbeques, and booze ;p




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