Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon

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* July 17, 2011

As post celebration to my GF’s sister’s birthday, we went to Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon. We’ve heard a lot about this place and we’ve been wanting to visit it; it’s just that we’ve had so many things to do with so little time.

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Since it was a Sunday, we started the day with an early mass and took off by 930am. Papa Kit’s is situated in the northern part of Cebu in a town called Lilo-an. It’s a 30-45min drive from the city, depending on the time you travel. The streets of Mandaue and Consolacion could get very busy even on weekends, so it’s best to start early.

Papa Kit's sign

Getting there:
From Cebu City, you enter Mandaue City. When you reach Highway Mandaue, you go straight and take the flyover. After Mandaue would be Consolacion, and then, Lilo-an.  Before you get to Lilo-an’s San Fernando Parish Church, there is big gate and a sign of Papa Kit’s Lagoon on the right side of the road. But you need to drive further because the main entrance is found at the other side. Once you reach the triangular rotunda in front of the church, you have to turn right. Just a few meters ahead is a small road to the right that leads you to the main entrance of Papa Kit’s.

After a few stops, we arrived at past 10am, and at our first sight was the horseback riding area.


They were lenient on the “no foods allowed” policy. At first, we got off the car, thinking we have arrived at the parking area, which was actually only their welcome area. We brought the foods with us and they reminded us of the “no food allowed” policy. We got back to the car, brought the foods with us, drove our way in, and we thought they would ask us about the foods, but we passed the reception area just fine. Whew! ;p But really, what are they supposed to do when they have these customers who just traveled from a distance just to get to their place? 😉


Cottage rates are higher by a hundred during weekends.

Papa Kit's big fishing pond and cottages

Papa Kits cottages @ P950

Papa Kit's Kubo @ P200

Soon after you enter main entrance is a couple of ponds and the parking lot. Beside it is the main fishing pond surrounded by huts and cottages for rent. Cottages cost P950(too expensive if you’re not going to stay the entire day).  A cheaper option would be the smaller huts (Kubo) at P200. We took the Kubo. The place has Canteens 1 and 2 where you can consume your P100 entrance fee. Oh how I love consumable entrance fees! ;p. Food was good. Aside from our own, we had their baked scallops, buttered chicken, and Bam-i… all of which, satisfied our tummies well. 🙂 Waiting time was too long, though. It seemed they only had one waiter taking orders from all cottages around the big pond — hey! a radio transceiver would be good. ;p

The place was huge. As we were exploring the place, I could only envy the owner. We passed by a vast mangrove, a ranch, and some road construction to the other side. It’s perfect how the owner has turned this place into. This place is definitely perfect for family bonding and recreation. Most goers are families; you’ll see kids everywhere. And of course, Koreans.. what places in Cebu have Koreans not gone to? LOL. (Not that I’m against you guys okay? You are most welcome in Cebu. 🙂

Things that you can do at Papa Kit’s:

Fish was taken from a distance that's why it appears to be small.

Fishing –  Fishing rods for rent at P50, bait @ P10, and you can either put the milkfish or bangus  back to the water, or have it weighed so you can buy it at P175/kilo. I loved the idea that the fishes are big and healthy, and they’re all over the pond so you wont get bored of waiting. Even kids get good catches!


Horseback riding – P50/15min is not bad. The horses are okay and are midsized. A perfect itinerary if you visit the place would be to go horseback riding first. At mid-day, the waiting time for the ride would be at least an hour.

Papa Kit's Zipline rates

Not my first time to zip, but first time upside down. Ahh! I'd love to do this again! ;p

Papa Kit's zipline at Silot Bay

Zip lining: From the fishing lagoon, you take a free shuttle ride to the hill where the zipline starts.  It’s a couple hundred meters from the pond. You can also bring your car; there’s more room for shady parking spots in this part of the place, and a couple of free tables too, a hammock on the side, and the view of the horizon. One-way zipline is 800 meters long and costs P100.  You will zip for approximately two minutes, and it will take you to an islet at the center of Silot Bay. Underneath you will be the body of water and you will enjoy the scenic view of the islet enclosed by the bay. In going back, you may either zip again for another 800 meters (another P100 fee), or you may ride a glass boat for P200 good for 5people and enjoy while you chill for 20-30min. The zipline area gets really crowded in the afternoon. We bought tickets at past 3pm and we were able to zip after an hour or so.

Papa Kit's Docking station and Wakeboarding area

Wake boarding: We didn’t get the chance to visit this area. It is situated at the other side, which is only viewable from the deploy tower of the zipline.

hammock on the zipline area

Relaxing!: If you want to save your adrenaline then relax on the hammock and enjoy the cool breeze and view, even on mid-day. 🙂

Other amenities:

Toilet Rooms: the ones near the fishing pond are stinky and definitely need maintenance. But the ones in the zipline area are pretty decent.

Bars and other Restaurants: This is one part of the place that we were not able to explore. We only saw signages of them.

Spacious Parking lost: you won’t have a hard time looking for a parking area at all, even in the zipline area.

Mini Shuttle bus: Free ride to the zipline area

Other ponds: I saw some other fishing ponds that were yet being developed. This place would be a killer if it had cultured prawns!!! 😀

We ended the day at 6pm and arrived at the city by 6.30pm.

I can see this place is currently still being developed. I highly recommend visiting the place as early as you can before it gets too pricey. As I researched, I found out that they have increased rates in a matter of two months.




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