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Posted: November 19, 2011 in RÅnÐΦm Th☺üght§
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Wow! I’ve been so busy lately. I feel bad for not having the time to update this poor piece of web blog.

Well unfortunately… or make that fortunately; I’d like to think of the upside of this little financial crisis I’m dealing with lately. Few years back, I decided to get a low-cost house and lot. The problem started when I was told that I will have to maintain a second equity for five years… wait what?! Yes, a second equity, on top of my other monthly dues including the first equity and the housing loan.  I never anticipated it, and so I never really prepared for it.

But as my Aunt said, if you don’t get to experience crisis in your life, you’ll never really learn how to work that hard… true? Well, that did make me think for a bit; made me recall my once kind-of-easy life.

But God is always, always sooo good. I got my promotion (yehey!) just perfectly in time for me to start with my second equity. That couldn’t be coincidence, right? As my good mom always says, “God provides.” This saying has been literally engraved into my mind.

So, anyway, despite my busy schedule to meet ends, I’ve had a couple of trips which I really enjoyed. Went hiking in Bonbon Cebu and bathed in the cold spring; went to Argao Nature Park and had some fun plus some creepy moments. I also went to the new Rainforest Nature Park in Mabolo. Hah! I can’t wait to post all of the pictures!  But this post won’t be about those trips… yet!  I’ll have time for those, but not very soon, I’m afraid.

My purpose of this post is not to blabber about my finances either, but in connection to that, I’d like to share an online job website that has helped me keep up with my overall monthly payables and what not. The website is Odesk.com – a legitimate online job site that I would recommend for anyone looking for extra income.  You can find all sorts of jobs here from the easiest ones to those who require specialty. The most common easiest online jobs you can find there are the data entry jobs.

I’d just like to share some information and maybe some tips in getting a job on this website, so that if someone happens to run over this post, he might find something helpful.


  • Odesk requires you to register an account before you can apply to their job posts. Registration is free. Once you have verified your account, you’re ready to go.

Getting a Job

  • Patience for entry-level applicants – those with zero experiences will need to be more patient in getting a good-paying job. But once you get a couple of experiences, you’ll be okay. Just do your best. I had to throw around 10 applications before I got my first job.
  • Building your Contractor Profile – if you want to test the waters first and maybe gain some experience, look for job postings that welcome or prefer newbies; but don’t expect a very good pay. Getting some experience will help you get hired.
  • Apply for jobs with less than 10 applicants – it is important that you are one of the first few to apply. If you see more than 10 applicants, you better look for another one, unless you are sure of your chance in getting hired. Odesk allows around 5 to 20 applications depending on your current standing on the site; you don’t want to waste your applications.
  • Lowest bidder usually gets hired – when applying for a job, keep in mind that there are a lot of applicants or “bidders” out there. Check on the current average bid. If it’s too low for you, make sure that you set an amount that’s not more than what the employer posted.
  • Finish what you’ve started – when you commit to a job, make sure you finish it. Odesk allows contractors and employers to comment and rate each other. You wouldn’t want to turn off future employers.
  • Do your best – don’t settle for mediocre performance. Once, I got paid for more than what the employer promised for submitting a good article.
  • Be Picky – don’t stay too long on low-paying jobs. If you think you have already built a decent profile, look for jobs with better pay.

Choosing an Employer

Scumbags are everywhere; and although Odesk runs an impressive regular check on employers and their job postings, they cannot completely filter these frauds. Or if and when they do, it could be too late. My girlfriend’s friend once submitted her output to the employer but was never paid as promised. To avoid this, here are a few tips that might help:

  • Fixed rate VS Hourly rate – Job postings offer either a fixed or an hourly rate. Odesk can only guarantee you a sure pay if you are hired with an hourly rate. In most cases though, fixed rates are higher and are more common.
  • Before you commit to a fix rated job, review the employer’s profile first. It’s not just you who needs to build a decent profile. Here’s a checklist in checking out your prospect employer:
  1. Overall rating – employers can hide comments but they can’t hide ratings. This alone can help you decide.
  2. Comments – see what the majority say about the employer
  3. Employer’s history – Each job posting has employer information on the right that states the number of jobs has he posted, the number of people he has hired, the date of his membership, and the number of feedbacks posted about him. Knowing these will help you assess the employer.

Getting your Money

Employers can pay you Paypal and several other sites alike. If you have a local bank account, Odesk can also directly transfer the money to your account, with more or less $1 charge.


Finally, don’t be selfish. Share it to others who need it.

Two of my girlfriend’s friends have online jobs. When she asked them about it, one of them only told her to just google “online jobs”.  The other friend though, was gracious enough to not only give her the website; that’s how I learned about Odesk. She also provided some tips and was willing to answer my questions any time. I appreciated that.




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