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Last week, we celebrated April’s birthday at Tingko beach with her friends. Unlike our Moalboal celebration, this time, we kept the celebration with friends separate from the  family because this is also going to be some sort of a ‘farewell’ party before we go to Singapore.

Alcoy Map

This beach is located in Alcoy, the town next to my own, Dalaguete. Alcoy is at the southern part of Cebu, around 95km (2-hr drive) from the city. The beach is just a couple of kilometers from Bodo’s Bamboo Bar.

our van to tinco

We had to rent a Nissan Urvan for Php 2800 inclusive of driver and exclusive of gas. We had to spend 1500 for the gasoline. You can contact the driver, Jucno @09225488165 if you need transportation services for your trips anywhere in Cebu.

I’ve been to this place a thousand times and I won’t mind going back many more times! This place has awed me since I was a child. The beach is just so good – white and clean. Sometimes it just gets a little crowded when there are occasions like fiestas, Easter Sundays, and generally during summer. Tingko beach is always on my list whenever friends ask me for suggestions on the nicest beach in Cebu. It is indeed one of the best in Cebu; even better than some beaches in the north. However, I should say that this beach just lacks the amenities that most beaches in the north have. There are a couple of resorts though, that offer pretty decent rooms for overnight stay.

Tingko Barangay Beach House

There were 16 of us and as always, we opted for the cheaper accommodation – the Barangay Beach House. The beach house had two rooms with separate toilet and bath that are good for 800 Php each. Each room can accommodate at most 4 people, but they only allow at most 8 people to use the T&B for free. If there are more than 8 of you, 10 pesos will be charged for each person who uses the T&B. It also had a spacious terrace for each room, with a couple of long chairs and tables for you to dine in.

Tingko Barangay Beach Contact: Methos (Barangay secretary) 09223206552 or Lorena (caretaker) 09225301069

our tents

We had a handful of tents, which was really convenient for all of us.

the grill house

Grilling on the beaches of Tingko is strictly prohibited, that’s why this grill house was provided for guests.

look at that! o.o

Our menu included grilled goodness: pork, tulingan and molmol fish, hotdogs, longaniza, and marsh mallows.

"payao" or hut in tingko

This hut is for rent at P30/head. Not a bad deal, as you can use it for the entire 24 hours. But if you’re the one paying for the whole gang, it’s going to be a grander cost. At night, they have a spotlight directed to this hut so you don’t have to worry about the dark. Night swimming here is really fun! A raft is tied to this hut so you can travel back and forth without having to swim.

The rest of the night was games and drinking. It was fun, except for the part where I slept a little early! LOL.

Happy Birthday my dear ♥.

Looking forward for  our Imelda Aroma trip next week 🙂



  1. Jackie says:

    is it safe in this area? we’re planning on a family getaway after Christmas and we’re hesitant if it’s safe.

    • o o says:

      Hi Jackie, safe enough, I should say… they have barangay tanods roving at night… there are also a couple of rest houses for rent, i believe one is owned by a foreigner – safer and with nicer amenities.

  2. Ruby Salvame says:

    ive been looking for this. . thank you soo much :))

  3. Ann says:

    H0w much for the entrance and the cottage? . .were planning to go their. .

  4. Anonymous says:

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! carlo agsam loves antonette piedad

  5. Anonymous says:

    james selma loves umbac very much…………………. graveh nato!!!

  6. hello how much is the entrance and the cottages?

    • o o says:

      This is rather late but entrance fee was at 5pesos per head. Parking was at 20pesos. By now the rates might be a bit higher though. You can try calling the contact person mentioned.

  7. Ti An says:

    How much is the rent of the Barangay Beach House? Good for how many person?

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