The Wrong Train

Posted: August 20, 2013 in RÅnÐΦm Th☺üght§
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Today, I passed by a lady forcing her dog to walk with shoes on. Yes, I know it sounds amusing but that wasn’t how I felt when I saw the unsettled look on the dog’s face.  As fancy as those shoes were, it looked unnatural and probably even more uncomfortable for him to walk on. He looked confused, as if resisting and begging his owner to stop.

Not far away was a lady who stopped by to talk to an alley cat. She was still petting him and talking to him as I walked past them. Well, nothing wrong with that. I mean, who doesn’t talk to their pets, right?

I couldn’t decide if that was all kind or crazy.

Finally, when I got to the train, I saw these people who were too disgusted to give a seat to a coughing, old man. A frail old man who’s probably in his 70’s.  People were either looking at him with disgust, or looking down at their phones. Not a single seat was given up.

Crazy, don’t you think?

It’s heartbreaking sometimes, how people can be so unthoughtful and unkind. Isn’t kindness and compassion supposed to be innate in us?

For a moment, I felt like I was riding on the wrong train. I felt so isolated in a very weird manner … or maybe I felt that for the old man. My regret was not having the guts to ask someone to give up his seat for him.

Did I just  hop on the wrong train today? I sure hope so.





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