OUT with our Moms – Phuket Thailand Day 1

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7-9 November 2013.

The Bucket List
This was a definite top item on our bucket list, which we were both anticipating to crash out.
No, it’s not just about visiting Thailand. More than that, we have been wanting to take our awesome moms out of the country (besides Singapore) for a short getaway. Being the wonderful moms and housewives they are to our hardworking dads, we decided to really push for this trip despite the budget constraints. For a moment, we had decided to postpone it. But we knew how thrilled these two were when they heard about a possible Thailand trip on their next visit here in Singapore. Moms are just too hard to resist. ;p

The plan was realized when I spotted a $40 Jetstar airfare – a deal too good, I couldn’t ignore!

Our moms at Changi Airport. We could hear the screams of excitement inside their heads.

We too, were excited. It would be our first time in Thailand and our first time to travel with our moms.

We took off from Changi Airport at around 8.30am and arrived in Phuket at around 10am.
It was our very first time in Phuket and we were only relying on my online researches on things like how-to-get-where and how-much-is-reasonable. I love the thrill that this kind of trip gives me … and the spontaneity is subtly wooing my planner girlfriend. 🙂

$800Baht cab ride from airport to Patong. ~30SGD.

Airport Transfers
For people like us who did not have prearranged airport transfers, there were two options on how to get to Patong. One was to take the mini bus (which was more like an L300 van) for 180Baht/person. Another option was a cab ride for 800Baht (max of 4 pax). Both transpo options will drop you off at your hotel, anywhere in Patong. All you need to do is give the address of the hotel – pretty convenient. Since there were four of us, taking the cab made more sense. The ride to Patong was rather short – at most 30min (the time we spent on the travel agency where we arranged our tours, excluded).

Arrange a Package Tour – Before or After Arriving at Phuket?
These cab and mini bus drivers would stop over one or more agencies to lure you into buying these package tours. While some people might find it annoying and unnecessary, it could actually be helpful for first-timers, like us. We arranged a James Bond Island Tour – something that’s more mom-friendly (as the travel agent described it), compared to the Phi Phi Island tour (yes, where Leonardo DiCaprio’s famous “The Beach” movie was shot). So, yeah, it’s totally okay not to buy your package tours ahead. You’ll find travel agencies anywhere in Phuket Town and Patong area, especially around hotels. If your hotel offers such package tours, you might get cheaper deals. And while we found online and on-the-spot prices to be roughly the same, timing is also important. November is a hot and peak season for Phuket, so prices were expected to be higher.

At nearly 1pm, we arrived at our humble accommodation.

Our moms taking a pose at Album Loft lobby

Album Loft @ Nanai Road
129/6-11 Nanai Road, Kathu

Through Agoda.com, we got a $37/night Superior Double Room With Breakfast. Pretty cheap. Cheap accommodations are easy to find at Patong. Budget hotels can be found at almost every block.

Album Loft amenities

At around 2pm, we found ourselves roaming around Jungceylon Mall, a 15-minute walk from our hotel. We grabbed our much awaited lunch at Jeffer’s Pasta & Steak Restaurant … and we weren’t disappointed. This affordable fast food serves quality food!

Beef Stroganoff at Jeffer Steak for $$99Baht. That’s less than $5SGD!

Jungceylon Mall and Silang Boulevard
Jungceylon Mall is considered as one of the best places to shop in Patong. However, I did not really agree with it until we crossed over to Silang Boulevard – an extension of the mall, or some sort. At the basement of Silang was where I wandered and enjoyed the most. There, you will find an array of massage centers and pretty souvenirs. Man, I could hardly take my eyes off of those wooden artifacts … and yes, the massage was superb!

Recharged after the muscle piercing, joint twisting Thai massage!

An addition to my collection – I got my first wooden lire!

200Baht (~8SGD) Sandals.
These 3 stayed here for a good hour!

We were told that Phuket Town had much cheaper items compared to Patong. I couldn’t imagine how much cheaper it could get!

Busy streets of Patong

Banzaan Market
Just around Jungceylon mall is an apparent market with a series of stalls that you typically see in tents. Here you will find super cheap items as well – from bikinis to different types of clothing, accessories and souvenirs.

After the massage and shopping, we hopped by a nice, homely Thai restaurant just a few hundred meters from our hotel. Once again, our taste buds were pleased, to say the least! Our wallets were even happier – a 460Baht dinner for 4 people (around $19SGD) plus excellent customer service. I could get used to this!

A seating option at Kung and Nick’s Restaurant

Thai Seafood Fried Rice at Kung and Nick’s Restaurant

The first day was a full day and we were all excited for day 2. 🙂

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