Phuket Thailand Tour – Day 3

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OUT with our Moms – Day 3
9 November, 2013

We spent our 3rd day in Phuket, shopping, visiting a few tourist spots and elephant trekking. This tour cost us $36 SGD per person.

Panorama shot while elephant trekking

We road a van, along with a few tourists into the mountain top.


While we enjoyed the entire tour, the elephant trekking experience was rather … saddening. At first, I was really excited because it would be my first time to ride on an elephant. But upon seeing the huge, metal benches placed on top of them, I felt a pinch in my heart. This wasn’t how I pictured it to be. My friend went to Sri Lanka and rode on an elephant bareback, without any harness or benches. That was how I imagined it to be. I asked the mahout or the elephant “driver” if it was  okay because the bench itself seemed to be quite heavy. He just casually said, “No, it’s okay. They’re used to it”. I wished it reassured me but it didn’t. Despite seeing the thick sheet which protected the elephant’s skin from the harsh metal, I still find the whole thing a bit … heartbreaking. The trekking went on for 15min up on a steep route and 15min back down. Later on, a friend showed me a Youtube video on how some of these elephants were cruelly trained – particularly in Thailand.  It’s really sad. So if you happen to be someone who is planning on elephant trekking, please ask for bareback riding arrangements. I tried to research further and there are actually agencies who offer a more elephant-friendly interaction like bathing them and riding on them bareback.

Not wanting to spoil the tour, we went ahead with the trekking. I did with a heavy heart. Minutes after, I just wanted to get off and let my mom ride. Good thing the “driver” allowed me to take over.

This is 10-year old Mali. I decided to get off the bench and replace the “driver”. I was hoping to ease Mali’s burden, but I’m not sure if I did.

Technically, the agency does not allow “passengers” to replace the “driver”. But when we were out of sight, the driver allowed me to take over. I was hoping I lightened up Mali’s load somehow.

ATV is also an option in the tour

ATV was something I wanted to try but our moms wouldn’t enjoy, for sure. After spending half-an-hour with Mali, we went ahead to Big Buddha, on to the top of the mountain.

Yep. These two need to have their pictures wherever they go. ;p

April taking a pose

Madear and I with Big Buddha

Then to the temple …

jars of clay ;p

The Great Buddha

Buddhist bells

Great Buddha

The temple is not only a famous tourist spot but also a common place for devout Buddhists who offer prayers and ask for favors from the great Buddha.

Monks saying their prayers at the great Buddha temple

Our last stop was shopping at Phuket Town! But I must say, Jungceylon Mall and Silang Boulevard were definitely much cheaper.

Shopping at Phuket Town

So there goes our 3-day Phuket trip … a very short, yet fulfilling trip. 🙂



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