White Water Rafting at Gopeng

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All packed and set.

A few weeks ago, we went to Gopeng for our first white water rafting adventure. Gopeng is a small town located at Ipoh, Malaysia. This was also the first time that I and my two siblings, Mae and July (yes, those are real names! ;p),  went on a trip together, since we worked here in Singapore.

July’s Birthday
This time, for baby sis’ birthday, she wanted something different. So we cancelled our Tioman beach plans for a rainforest experience. Her Singaporean friend told us, we have fantastic beaches back in the Philippines anyway. 🙂 We started our trip at 12midnight taking an overnight coach trip from Beach Road, Singapore to Gopeng Bus Terminal.

My two sissies July and Mae

We booked our ticket for 38SGD through BusOnlineTicket.com.

This trip, I’d say, would be one of the cheapest getaways I have ever had. We booked a 2D/1N white water rafting package at MyGopeng Resort for 288MYR each. It included three meals plus two activities: white water rafting and night jungle trekking. After a night at Gopeng, we spent the whole day at Kuala Lumpur before we headed back to Singapore.

Getting There
From Singapore, it took only about 6 hours to reach Gopeng by coach. A tip for those who take this route: talk to the bus captain and make sure he drops you off exactly at Gopeng Bus Terminal, just as your ticket indicates. For some reason, we were just dropped off at a gas station at around 6am and we had to ask for directions. The terminal was around 1-2Km away and was not located along the highway.

Nevertheless, we just chose to enjoy being lost for a while.

Lost in Gopeng … literally! ;p

My travel buddies taking a pose at Gopeng rotunda while figuring out where to go ;p

Gopeng Bus and Taxi Terminal

Finally finding this terminal was like oasis for us, in the middle of the desert. ;p Cab services start at 8am so we had to wait. Alternatively, you can arrange a pickup by the resort as well. For a group of four, the cab suited us just fine.

While waiting for the cab, we tried this street food, which name I missed to get, but it was really good. It was bit sweet and chewy and it has nuts in the middle. This uncle said it’s a 75-year old original recipe, handed down by his father to him.

Streetfood goodness for 0.70 MYR only!

Here’s a map that I got from MyGopeng website. However, the bus terminal location was quite confusing, so I modified it with a purple mark. Not sure how accurate my version is, but this is according to my experience. We walked from shell station, where the bus dropped us off, passed by the rotunda, then reached the market, where we found the Bus Terminal.

Route to MyGopeng Resort

Fom the terminal, we took a cab to the resort ( 20min, 25MYR).  At around 830, we reached  MyGopeng Resort. It was old, huge, and green. I say old because it’s obvious that the resort has been there for a while and it was, I would say, not very well maintained. It wasn’t bad though, but I later found out that people would usually go there for the water rafting adventure only, and then stay the night at a hotel at Ipoh. I believe it was only us and a Caucasian family who stayed the night. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our entire stay there.

MyGopeng Chalets

The birthday girl

We took the Pond View Chalet for the four of us.

Our chalet – the PondView Chalet

Our room – kampung style

Man, these rambutan were just within our reach from the window!


The Rafting Adventure
While the accommodation wasn’t that impressive, the adventure was. They had proper briefing, and the guides were fun! Here’s a video of me getting knocked down by our guide, Andy. Damn, never saw that coming!

The rafting route is classified Level 2, which means there is some rough water and some rocks but only requires basic paddling skills. The entire journey lasted almost 2 hours, with two 15-minute breaks in between, in which we enjoyed bathing in the cold stream. 🙂

MyGopeng rafting map.

Carry your own boat!

Getting ready for the rough waters!

The water and the view were so refreshing!

According to Andy, the best time to visit MyGopeng for white water rafting would be November to December, as it is wet season, thus the water is higher. Feb-August would be the dry season so water would be a little lower. But it was good for us, first timers.

Reminds me of APO island rock formation

We ended up into down town.  After the rafting, they took us back to the resort using a lorry.

Later on, we realized that not only was the adventure impressive, but also the people in this resort. The manager Mr. Lee was very considerate. First, although welcome breakfast wasn’t part of our package, he served us breakfast before we went rafting after finding out about our overnight trip. He said he knew we were hungry – damn right! And the fried rice was sooo good! Plus they have two kitchen staff who wouldn’t stop offering us free fruits! Not to mention they cooked really nice food. 🙂

Our sumptuous lunch after the rafting adventure 🙂

Lanzones (or Salah as they call it), Durian, and Rambotan. All freshly-picked and free! ;p


The Waterfall
After the much needed lunch, we wanted to do Paintball but it required a minimum of eight people. Wanting for more adventure, we found ourselves talking to Mr. Lee and he suggested going to the waterfalls, around 3km away from the resort. And yes, we did it without a guide! 🙂

“Bah Wah” means Waterfalls


Just fun-hungry kids taking crazy shots on their way to Bah Wah:

While the truck is away …


Jumpshots, jumpshots, and jumpshots.


And after 30 minutes, here we are!

Excited to get our free massage!

Gopeng Falls – April and I

Sissy getting her water massage!


At the topmost waterfall would be where MyGopeng Resort’s Waterfall Abseiling activity is held, and we watched a couple of people do it. Looked really exciting!

Gopeng Waterfall Abseiling

In their website, they also had ATV rides but we found out that it had been stopped. However, we know the other resorts still have it coz we saw them on the way to the waterfall. We were still quite hyper after the waterfall adventure, and we thought evening wasn’t coming any soon, so we setup the volleyball court and played – after we had our tea break of course ;p

sweet potato, banana cake, some sweet beans, and milk tea. How’s that for a tea break!


Playing volleyball with our new friend, Connor.


Dinner was THE BEST meal I had at MyGopeng Resort. Everything was fantastic! And the rambotan juice was to die for!! Simply awesome!

Yet another gluttony committed at MyGopeng resort that night.


Night Jungle Trekking
After a full dinner, we went ahead with the night trekking at 930pm, together with our guide, Henry. It wasn’t really “jungle” trekking, although we did find a couple of fireflies ;p but it was fun. The last time I had a flashlight in the middle of nowhere but trees was when I was a child. It’s one of those really simple things that you’d enjoy once in a while. The trekking lasted for an hour. I think it was a good 3-4Km walk.

Ghost hunting?? .. nah. It was a peaceful night 🙂


This little kitty wouldn’t stop following us. When we got to the bridge, she wouldn’t dare let go of me.

Crossing the hanging bridge with little kitty

With our guide, Henry


Amorseco pants after the night trekking!

After the trekking, we ended up with a couple of booze with Henry and the rest of the guides – one of their friends was Filipino. He was a staff at nearby resort and gave us tips on how to go about Ipoh and KL the next day. After a quick drink, we decided to head back to our chalet. The resort was cold especially at night, we almost did not need an AC.

The next morning, we had our breakfast before we left for KL.

Left a small tip for the two ladies in the kitchen

With Mr. Lee’s help, I was able to contact the cab driver who brought us to the resort. From there, we rode for 30+minutes to Ipoh train station (55MYR). We then headed to KL. It was a 2.5-hour train ride (38MYR).  This was an unplanned route but we were lucky enough to get there in time for the 12noon trip. Otherwise, we would have waited until 5pm for the next train, as the rest of the hours were fully booked. I think advanced booking is enabled in these trains.


A Day in Kuala Lumpur
One thing I love about KL is the lockers at KL Central. This is our second time using it and it’s very convenient, especially for those who are on a day trip. Small lockers cost 5MYR per usage and can accommodate 1-2 bags. The big ones can accommodate and cost twice as much.

We spent the rest of the day eating, shopping, and … well, eating. ;p

Reject Shop near Bandaraya Station

Reject Shop
When we first came to this shop last year, they had a really awesome sale deal. This time though, it wasn’t as cheap as back then. Reject Shop is located near Bandaraya Station, right across Sogo Mall, and a few stalls from KFC.

Petronas Towers
It was both Mae’s and July’s first time in KL, so we couldn’t miss taking pictures at this famous landmark.

Prew and the three little pigs at Petronas towers.

Sissy Mae with the fountain dance

My sissies!

After wandering around, we headed back to KL Central. From there was a cab ride to Terminal Bersepadu, where we would take a coach to Singapore. By around 7am, we were back to our workland. ;p



MyGopeng Resort Map

I would definitely recommend MyGopeng Resort for a Level 2 white water rafting adventure. If you want a taste of kampung life with nice people, nice food, and lots of free fruits :), you can opt to stay one night.  But some, if not most, of their activities are no longer available. So a few more nights might bore you, unless you are with a large group and you have a full itinerary on hand. And if you are more keen to proper and more modern accommodation, you might want to stay at a nearby hotel in Ipoh.

Here’s the itinerary of our short trip.

3D/2N Gopeng-KL Itinerary

MyGopeng Resort Website: http://www.mygopengresort.com/
Bus Online Booking: http://www.busonlineticket.com/




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